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Crazy day yesterday touched all the species we catch trolling caught 2 spears a ahi 2 Ono and a mahi. Had a stripey and a blue to the leader only to pull the hook seconds from getting the leader. Missed 2 more ahi and a blue.
Gotta bring plenty ice
Roger with his first blue here celebrating his 50th anniversary.
Killing us to stop fishing but 3 days of varnish and paint. She is coming along. Hard to be sanding watching the fleet coming in with the buzz of a great Kona bite.
Awesome weekend withKatie flyfishing. Great action having multiple chances at fish. Had 2 big ahi bites on the teasers which we expected.
Big kine coming around
First spear for Lisa all she needs now is her sword for her slam
Nicefish we caught the day before yesterday on another big day. Caught this one a stripey spearfish am Ono and a nice ahi. Ramping up tone a good summer
How is this for hook travel. Hooked this stripey perfectly in the center of the bill and almost split it in 2. We have had it happen before and had it split it all the way to the end. This one is still swimming with it together.
Big one on the Koya Poi Dog.
Ted with a nice one. Caught her on the last tack 4:30 near the high tide. Beautiful bite on the Koya poi dog short. Another big day with 2 spears an Ahi missed a small blue and a 400 pounder and ended the day with this fish. Hope it continues.
Dwayne with a nice blind ahi
Great half day with the Pichus. One for 2 on Spears on a short trip. Boats still having big days out there cant wait to put more time in.
Bite is on in Kona!!! We had a big day with 2-3 on blues and 3-4 on spears. Had a fish close to 700 right to leader and pulled the hook after 40 minutes. Many of the boats out are having similar days get in on the action while it hot. John ended up with 6spears 2 blues and a beautiful hybrid Sheep this trip A Hui Ho
John got his first blue this morning followed by a double spearfish. The fleet having great days out here right now.
Blind ahis showing up early
Joe Mays girlfriend caught this big Stripey on Monday. It was well over a hundred pounds rare for us to see. Had fun with it at the boat.
Joe Mays girlfriend caught this big Stripey on Monday. It was well over a hundred pounds rare for us to see. Had fun with it at the boat.
Nice blue we caught for Rich and Marge. I was surprised to hook this one deep on a circle hook but looking at the picture it is hooked right in the corner of the mouth. My jokes about Marlin forgetting how to eat Aku finally got proven wrong. More and more birds and bait showing up summer seems to be near
Another coastline adventure with Rich and Marge for Kau Kau fish.
Shawn and Benda with a nice fishwe caught. Got her on the short rigger on the Koya large bullet. The fish had a marlin bill stuck through her stomach 12 inches into her back from her abdomen out. It had healed up fairly well considering. How does that happen?? From swallowing whole striped marlin head first. We constantly see evidence of big fish eating small billfish. This fish saw healthier days having the frame of a much larger fish in her prime. Shawn’s son caught a spear on the way back to round out a great day.
Don’t miss em David🙏 No worries got em one shot
Ben Smith with a coast to coast Ono trip. Good action beautiful day looking at the lava flows from ono lane.
Team Eugene with a last minute end of the day bite we got. I had the picture in my camera and just was able to post it. I usually don’t like to post old pictures but I like this one. Fishing is getting better and better more birds and bait showing up as we get closer to summer
Ben Smith with a nice release
Team Eugene with a good fish day while live airing for the big one. After a full day of live baiting with no bites I wonder if marlin forgot how to eat a live Aku. With everyone trolling all the time now it may be a lost art
Nice Ahi from this week one of 2 we caught in a tough school not marking any fish. Common early season fishing hard. Hoping for the bow to come on soon
Nice day of tuna fishing with Steven last week

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