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Nice half day with the Monster Energy Drink Team here for a Birthday Party!!! 3 blues 3 mahis! Hurry up they are biting good dates open come and fish!!!
Nice day with Dave and Chris! One mahi and jumped off the blue thanks for a good day guys !!!!
Thanks to Marlin Magic 2 for our sashimi tonight 0 for 2 today
Ty and Kim with Ty’s first blue! Great Nov fishing!!! Come and fish they are here
Another shot of Dwayne with his fish
Nice fish yesterday for Dwyane in the afternoon. Went 2 for 3 on blues and caught a spear.
Replaced the teak on the step of the 47 this week
Nice 5 plus Tracy Epstein and I caught for Leo (76yrs young). This would have probably won a daily in the Bisbees today in Cabo. Great to see the warm water we have here right now reaching 85 degrees still some days! Lots of marlin seen by the fleet today we were 1 for 3 and caught a 30 pound mahi for dinner.
Senseis with a couple yellows. Over 30 years of fishing and friendship. Thanks for taking me fishing
5 blues today for Team Polu Kai Lures in the September Lure Makers Challenge. Crazy day leaving the team tied for first going into day 3.
2-3 on Stevens last day. 10 blues in 7 days. Great week of fishing. If you guys can make a quick last minute trip the fishing is really good in Kona. Warm summer water still here and looking like it will be here awhile
After 2 hard days we found some current and changed our luck. We released a triple header on blues with only 3 of us on board. Steven caught the big one that looked around 500. The other 2 were 130 and 300. Crazy but it all worked out. We ended up with 4 for the day thanks to a crazy 30 minutes!!!
Nice shot of a Koya Bullet nose job. Sat tagged the fish with an archival tag that will pop up 240 days from now. The fish should be on its way back to Hawaii by then. Let’s see where she goes.
Nice blue for Steven. Long wait finally got in the pm.
Mahalo to Eric “Koya” Koyanagi and Matt Lassaso of Kona Custom Tackle and Lures for this set of lures for me and my boys to remember the lures we caught our Granders on- Koya Tube- Koya Poi Dog- Thanks guys
Martin and friends after pulling the hook on a 700 plus. 45 min fight right to the mark and with severe head shakes we pulled the hook!!! The boy celebrated with a close but good cigar
1-3 for Gordon good fishing continues in Kona!!
Dad kent 2-4 today and in for lunch making the most of the great Kona fishing right now.
Jay and Tristen with one of four blues they caught this weekend 4-10 in 2 days!! The fish are back!!!
Jay and Tristen on again releasing a blue
Couldn’t be more stoaked for my boys 1309 on the 37!!!!
1309 blue on the Northern Lights Capt Mat Bowman mate Kyle Vannatta! The 6th Grander for the Big Island for 2015! Grander hunters plenty great boats with great captains and crews could this be your Grander year!!! Congrats to Capt Mat and Kyle I couldn’t be more proud!!!
Thank you everyone for all your good wishes on our fish. Mat Kyle and I really appreciate it. Special thanks and congrats to our boats owner John for all his support. The boys and I want to thank all of our friends and sponsors that fish with us every day we are out. Without all of you we wouldn’t be out there to have a chance at fish like this. Big mahalo to Ken Corday for putting such a special week of fishing for all of us every year.also to his media team for capturing the catch on film. Mahalo everyone!!!
1075 lb Blue on the Northern Lights today in Ken Corday’s TART Tournament for angler Brent Nelson.
Nice day my friends from APB. Plenty sashimi.
2nd Place Henry Chee and 3rd place Richard Boone for the Northern Lights 2 Capt Kevin Nakamaru Dana Boardman and Kyle Vannatta.
Leader board for HIBT day 4. Some changes we stayed in 3rd tagging one on the last 15 minutes. Lost one on the leader a foot from the tag hooked in the side. Final day good luck everyone
Day 3 score board for the 2015 HIBT
Team 24 the gamefish club of South Australia with us on day 2
Day 1 HIBT record start!! We tagged 2 and lost a qualifier right at the boat 600 PTA going into tomorrow. Going to have to catch a bunch to win this one!!!

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