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Ahi here good numbers coming up in Kona Egamis with 3 ahi and jumped off a blue.
Double blue for Parke the other day. He caught a small blue the day before and saw one over 400. Good couple days fishing
Congrats to Rufus Wakeman for his spearfish caught on fly yesterday. The catch gets 8 of the 9 Billfish all caught on fly. He has the swordfish and will complete his billfish slam all on fly!!!
Crazy Spearfish bite on right now!! If you are looking for a spearfish get on a plane
The Game Plan hooked up on our overnight trip to a nice stripey
Won the tuna division for the Hospice love to fish tournament.We donated our winnings back to the the Hospice of Kona. Great cause and great tournament thanks goes out to all the teams that fished today.
HPA 8th grade advisory trip- caught a nice spear for Mike
Big Stripey and 2 spears for Kurtis Greg and Al.
Good bottom action- Al with a nice Kahala.. Got a hand full of opakapaka for dinner got action
Larry with a nice yellow after Jeff let a 450 blue go
Larry Walker with he Shortnosed Spearfish 8th billfish species on his quest for the Royal billfish Slam. Needs a Sword any ideas??
Capt Kev with students from WEA after doing a talk relating to Billfish they are studying
Monster spear today for Dan
Mahi action
First ahi of the year. Caught a spear on the way back
Nice half day with the Monster Energy Drink Team here for a Birthday Party!!! 3 blues 3 mahis! Hurry up they are biting good dates open come and fish!!!
Nice day with Dave and Chris! One mahi and jumped off the blue thanks for a good day guys !!!!
Thanks to Marlin Magic 2 for our sashimi tonight 0 for 2 today
Ty and Kim with Ty’s first blue! Great Nov fishing!!! Come and fish they are here
Another shot of Dwayne with his fish
Nice fish yesterday for Dwyane in the afternoon. Went 2 for 3 on blues and caught a spear.
Replaced the teak on the step of the 47 this week
Nice 5 plus Tracy Epstein and I caught for Leo (76yrs young). This would have probably won a daily in the Bisbees today in Cabo. Great to see the warm water we have here right now reaching 85 degrees still some days! Lots of marlin seen by the fleet today we were 1 for 3 and caught a 30 pound mahi for dinner.
Senseis with a couple yellows. Over 30 years of fishing and friendship. Thanks for taking me fishing
5 blues today for Team Polu Kai Lures in the September Lure Makers Challenge. Crazy day leaving the team tied for first going into day 3.
2-3 on Stevens last day. 10 blues in 7 days. Great week of fishing. If you guys can make a quick last minute trip the fishing is really good in Kona. Warm summer water still here and looking like it will be here awhile
After 2 hard days we found some current and changed our luck. We released a triple header on blues with only 3 of us on board. Steven caught the big one that looked around 500. The other 2 were 130 and 300. Crazy but it all worked out. We ended up with 4 for the day thanks to a crazy 30 minutes!!!
Nice shot of a Koya Bullet nose job. Sat tagged the fish with an archival tag that will pop up 240 days from now. The fish should be on its way back to Hawaii by then. Let’s see where she goes.
Nice blue for Steven. Long wait finally got in the pm.

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