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On Kyle Vannattas last day of fishing with Capt Mat Bowman and David Borges he got to wire this big mama on the Grander in Madeira yesterday. Peace Grossa with Capt Frothy De Silva released a 800 plus and saw a 1000 plus as their season continues to improve.
Steven Luu caught his first blue on the Northern Lights 2
David Borges took this great shot of a Madeira Blue caught with Capt Mat Bowman on the Grander.
Capt Mat Bowman had a trailer wrapped fish around 650 today that they brought to donate. Water temp came up and the Walkers have caught 3 nice fish in 3 days fishing.
The Volpies with a tag and release on the Northern lights 2. Great to see a couple blues today with bites few n far between. Conditions remain good but fish spread out making it tough.
Capt Mat Bowman’s Maderia Report this morning was that he saw two fish in the 700 pound range that they got half herd bites out of and missed em. In the land of big fish it is hard to see them come off when it is quality not quantity they are seeing. They have had great hook up so far this season on the GRANDER. Just paying back the odds today.
Kyle Vannatta and David Borges with a big eye tuna Tracy Melton caught with Capt Mat Bowman on the GRANDER in Madeira yesterday in the World Cup. Capt Mat Bowman and team caught a 675 pound Blue the day before the tournament. Timing is everything even during a “Dream Season” in the land of big fish.
Northern lights 2 team for the 2016 World Cup with James Brown and team Chad Contessa and Brian Balancio and Capt Kevin Nakamaru. Tough 4th of July in Kona with no qualifiers caught. Conditions remain good with good current and nice bait filled warm water. Fishing remains spread out and the luck factor weighs heavy on the results. Soon enough the fish will go where they can be found more consistently. For now pick number and wait your turn
David Borges got this pic of a 675 Blue on the GRANDER in Maderia today with Capt Mat Bowman and Kyle Vannatta
They start em you in the Land H young Christopher reeling in the bait!!
Marlin Magic Lure Tournament tough couple days looking for a fish over 400 pounds. No qualifiers weighed this year. Great tournament and good turn out. Entry returned to try again next year. Thanks LARRY and Blake for the shot at it. Good fun
Little guy won the 60/40 split on yesterday’s daily on the Norternl Lights 2 congrats to Larry and Blake!!
First day Kona Kick Off missed a 200 pound blue gotta get bust tomorrow
Start of the Kona Kick off good everyone
Madeira Report — capt Mat bowman caught a 800 plus today and saw a really big one that looked like well over a 1000. Capt Mat proving himself as one of today’s great up and coming Captains with his great start on the GRADER this summer in Madeira this shot is one of my favorite big fish spots on Madeiras leeward coast Punta do sol.
Got a spear for James today after we missed a blue trolling and livebaited for a few hours with no bites. Looked so fishy had to try the bait
Northern light1 with Capt Oskie Rice and Greg Hopkins released 650 today on 50 pound test. Nice to see nice fish showing up in time for the tournaments that get rolling this weekend starting with the Kona Kick Off.
Capt Mat Bowman on the GRANDER saw a nice fish yesterday and caught a 400 pounder today after a brief cold spell cooled the fishing off for a week. 3 other fish were caught a 5 more nice fish seen by the fleet
Fishing continues to be good catching at least one a day. Still lots of spears here is Bill with a late one!!!
Got a blue and a spear on our second half . Late silhouette sun set jump
Blue and a Ono for the HPM Boys good to fish with old friends
Capt Mat Bowman got em again yesterday in Madeira catching a 700 plus today. He has been prospect fishing half days and is seeing em. Off to a good start there. It brings back goods memories of when I fished there on the Pesca Grossa
Good fishing continues in Kona!! Caught a blue a 2 spears today and had a unreal bite on the short rigger on a giant Ahi. Incredible green stick bite on the lure but we missed em–
Capt Mat Bowman got em again today in Madeira even warmer water approaches the island . He and David Borges tagged another 550 blue today and saw a fish over 900 yesterday that didn’t bite.
Oskie Rice and Greg Hopkins caught a blue and a spear today on their first day on the 37 for capt Mat Bowman who is running the GRANDER in Madeira Portugal this summer. Way to get started guys
Day late. Caught this blue and a spear for Nate and his family on our Koya 861. Really could have used these 2 in the tournament the day before. Unfortunately we lost that 861 this morning. Eric please help!!!
Madeira getting off to a good start Capt Mat Bowman of Northern Lights Sportfishing is running the Melton International boat the GRANDER this season. He decided to go back to Madeira after a great short season last year catching a bunch of big fish. He capped off his great Madeira season coming home on our 37 Merritt Northern Lights 1 by catching a 1309 Blue with Kyle Vannatta. Here is a nice blue he caught on his first day. They were 2-2 on on blues releasing a 550 and a 650 with his crew David Borges. From the looks of it the boys are going to need help winding them in or David will need an arm replacement soon. Stay tuned it’s going to be a good one over there !! Go get em Mat
Hawaiian Billfish Series Had a great 4 days fishing. Caught 3 blues and a spear prefishing on Thursday. Stated in 2nd until the last few hours with this ahi a 50 pound Ono and a spear. Slipped back in the last hours and couldn’t hang on no bites on the last day. Very well run Tournamaent- had a great time Big Thanks to Rich Gains and crew Jason and Gavin, Joe for organizing a fun event, Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai for the Ono food. Already looking forward to the next HBS Tourn in August
Collage of a great day we had with Luke and friends. This blue had a short bill looked like a big spearfish. Missed 3 more spearfish after we released one.
Nice ahi for Bill- finally back fishing slow on charters makes for plenty boat work days. We are ready for summer and glad to be out. Caught a spear for dinner and missed 4 more and a blue. Fishing getting off to a good start here in Kona

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